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Coal and iron ore transshipment

The terminal has created new ways of access to overseas supply of the raw materials (coal nad iron ore) for the Polish and Central European industries. We open new channels of cargo supply not only for big power producers and steel industry but also for local heating and power stations and other industries using coal of various qualities in their production processes.


Iron ore


The deepest drought in the Baltic Sea, Baltmax

Our terminal can handle the most massive vessels:

  • Ore pier: 15 meters
  • Coal pier: 15 meters

Length of the ship “LOA”:

  • Ore pier: 300 meters
  • Coal pier: 280 meters

Discharge rate

Guaranteed, fast discharging of vessels

Thanks to the new equipment of the last generation we are able to discharge seagoing vessels at an average discharge rate of:

  • Coal: 25.000 tons/day
  • Iron ore: 22.000 tons/day


The latest transshipment equipment and modern cranes

We use the state-of-the-art equipment to provide competitive discharging services, its capacities are:

  • Automated conveyor system: 3.800 tons/hour
  • Three Liebher LPS 600 cranes – lifting capacity: 60 tons
  • Four stacker-reclaimers: 3.800 tons/hour

Storage yards

Hardened storage yards and modern heavy equipment

Our yards allow storage of 1.4 million tons at a time.

Our heavy equipment fleet includes:

Wheel loaders:

11x CAT 988/VolvoL350, 7x CAT 966/Volvo L 150


3x CAT 320/325, 2x VOLVO EC480,

1x VOLVO EC300


3x CAT D9


Railway transport

Our train loading equipment includes:

  • Railway siding with its own signal tower
  • 4 locomotives
  • Loading ramp with railway scales
  • Automated loading of wagons
  • Automated wagon tippler
  • Possibility of loading 11 trains a day


Wheeled transport

Our wheeled transport equipment includes:

  • 11 wheel loaders
  • 2 truck scales
  • Computerized notification and weighing system
  • Possibility of loading 400 trucks a day


We care about the safety of our environment

Automated dust prevention system (stationary sprinkler system)

Mobile sprinklers

2 x sweepers of storage yards and adjacent roads

wheel wash

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